The works on this closup page will change from time to time April 3 2017

Valerie O’Flynn, Visual artist Stratford Ontario Canada

Closeup page
Valerie O’Flynn Murdered, missing, dead, gone, - in memory of Aboriginal women in Canada Digital mayhem original digital print with acrylic overlay by Valerie O'Flynn Edward Snowden painting Truth to power by Valerie O'Flynn  with text and rubics cubes Speak Truth to power Edvard Munch music box with the scream as the figure inside by Valerie O'Flynn mixed media sculpture with music box Donald Trump and felix the cat painting by Valerie O'Flynn Cartoon characters Strange animals Donald Trump in a Test tube with other aliens by Valerie O'Flynn title Creativity loop strange animals
Cartoon characters: Felix and the Donald  acrylic on canvas, Valerie O’Flynn, 2016
Creativity loop #2:  Strange animals, acrylic on canvas, Valerie O’Flynn, 2016